Observable different universe

Every being has its own universe mapped, and within that, they operate.

Flora and Fauna universe confines them to producing food by extracting nutrients from the earth and using the sun to cook it up. All of their energy is diverted for the survival and expansion of their race.

Plants confine their universe within this scope and are mainly bothered by soil and sun factors. What they cannot do, does not become part of their observable universe. Like they cannot walk so the plant's observable universe does not include exploring planets or discovering new movement technologies.

Animals have added mobility apart from food and expansion. They have found and adapted to better habitat according to changes around them. They explore nearby for food and shelter. Their universe includes exploring areas and better survival mode in packs.

But they have yet to develop collective learning and sharing historical data.

Human beings on other hand have developed various techniques of knowledge sharing among existing peers and even for upcoming generations. This has led to the expansion of their universe and collective knowledge has increased the pace of this expansion.

Coming to the point, there are various universes that can be easily observed and these universes restrict the behaviour and evolution of subjects within the domain. What doesn’t constitute the part of this universe doesn’t bother the subject, what is unknown cannot cross the logic or consciousness of the subject.

These universes are ever-expanding or shrinking based on user evolution or extinction.